Meter Testing Capabilities

MET has the accreditations, geographic coverage, and experience needed to ensure the compliance of your meters for faster approvals.

Currently, all meters require certification by an accredited third party independent lab like MET to comply with FCC and OSHA requirements. However, accuracy and performance verification has usually only been required by certain states and/or municipalities. We are an accredited lab for all of your testing and certifications needs.

We help you ensure the accuracy, reliability, environmental hardiness, energy-efficiency and safety of watt-hour meters for homes and business throughout America. Independent testing ensures that all meters are subject to the same standards and requirements which alleviates consumer and utility concern.

Through our end-to-end testing solutions, we evaluate your products to any condition and help you navigate growing complexities in metering compliance to bring meters from development to end use faster and more cost-effectively.

Our testing and certification capabilities includes:

  • The Complete Range of ANSI C12 Accuracy Testing: ANSI C12.1 & C12.20
  • US and Canadian Product Safety Certification: UL 61010, UL 2735 & UL 916
  • Mexico Federal Commission CFE: GWH00-09, GWH00-78, G0100-05 & G0000-48
  • ANSI/IEEE Lightning Surge Testing
  • EMC Testing Per FCC
  • Measurement Canada Certification (LMB-EG-07) Requirements
  • International approvals: IEC 62052-11, 62053-21, 62053-22, 62053-23
  • European:  EN 50470-3, 50470-1
  • Regulatory Compliance Testing of Licensed and Unlicensed Wireless Components and Devices
  • ESD Testing & European EN Surge Testing
  • Environmental Solar Testing of meter domes, including Xenon-Arc Testing
  • Current Transformer Testing: IEEE C57.13, IEC 60044-1 & IEC 61869-2
  • Customized Test Programs for both utilities and manufacturers
  • Energy revenue metering
  • Submetering
  • General Meter Testing for Electricity, Gas and Water Meters
    • Accuracy
    • Enclosure
    • Wireless
    • Weathering
    • Aging
    • Solar