R&TTE to RED Transition Period Changes for Radio Equipment CE Marking

Notified Bodies for the R&TTE Directive (R&TTE Compliance Association – to be renamed RED Compliance Association) met on June 1-2, 2015 in Goteborg, Sweden to discuss issues related to the R&TTE to RED transition for European radio equipment regulations.

Following are highlights of the discussions held there.

Transition Change
The Commission announced an important new interpretation about the transition period from the R&TTED to the RED. During the transition period to the new RED (June 13, 2016 to June 13, 2017), manufacturers can introduce new products using either the R&TTE Directive or the new RED Directive.

Therefore, the Commission will need to maintain the existing list of harmonized standards for the R&TTE Directive until June 2017.

Directive Scope Changes
The scope of the RED requires that broadcast receivers and transmitters under 9 Khz move from the EMC Directive to the RED. As such, these products fall under the one year RED transition period. For the two month period of April 20, 2016 (EMC Directive effective date) to June 13, 2016, these products would technically have to be in compliance with the new EMCD and LVD – but the Commission has been asked to identify a practical approach to this issue so that manufacturers of these products do not need to update the DoC twice in a short period.

ETSI Standards Development
Michael Sharpe presented a summary of ETSI’s updated standards development program in response to the changes to the Radio Equipment Directive.  See the November meeting information, below, for more information about ETSI standards development.

Technical Guidance Note Transfers
The Chairman will review all existing TGNs to propose which R&TTE CA TGNs should be transferred to become RED CA TGNs. A list of the proposed changes will be presented at the November meeting. Removed TGNs will remain in the archived area of the RED CA website. Note that access to TGNs is being restricted. Non-members will now need to send an e-mail request to the Secretary to obtain these documents.

Next Meeting
The proposed dates for the next meetings of the EUANB and RED (RTTE) CA are November 2-3, 2015 in Nice, France. In addition, on November 4, 2015, there will be an ETSI workshop for attendees to discuss standards changes. Proposed topics (specific ETSI standards of interest) should be e-mailed to Chairman Nick Hooper by July 1, 2015 for consideration: chairman@rtteca.com.

Special thanks to NIST for providing much of the information in this post.

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